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A split image of Leah Jeffries as Annabeth Chase in Percy Jackson & the Olympians and the St. Louis Gateway Arch 1
Percy Jackson & The Olympians (2023)
Disney’s Percy Jackson Just Made One Of The Most Famous Real-Life Architects Athena’s Son

Percy Jackson & the Olympians season 1, episode 4 makes a change to the books’ lore, revealing that a famous real-world architect is Athena’s son.

Homer weighs a fish surrounded by Duffman, Chalmers, Lenny, Carl, and other anglers in The Simpsons season 35 episode 10 1
The Simpsons (1989)
The Simpsons Season 35’s Weirdest Story Is Based On Real-Life News

The Simpsons season 35 episode 10's story may seem far fetched, but the bizarre plot that Homer and Bart share is based on a real-life news story.

Maddie and Chimney 9-1-1 1
9-1-1: Why Maddie & Chimney's Season 5 Absence Is One It's Most Realistic Plots

In 9-1-1 Maddie & Chimney's time away from LA in Boston after Jee-Yun's birth shows the reality of postpartum depression.

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_avengers-endgame-captain-america-ending-plot-hole-what-if 1
What If...? (2021)
Marvel Just Made Captain America's Endgame Ending An Even Bigger Plot Hole

Marvel's What If...? season 2 makes a key Captain America moment in Avengers: Endgame an even bigger plot hole for the overall MCU.

silo-season-2-biggest-theories 1
Silo (2023)
Silo Season 2: Renewal, Cast, Story & Everything We Know

Apple TV Plus has renewed Silo for season 2. Here’s everything we know about what's next, from story details to which actors could return.

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Aragorn and Middle-earth Map 1
Lord of the Rings: What Happened AFTER The Ending

Here's what happened in Middle-earth after the defeat of Sauron and the fall of Mordor along with Aragorn's rise in the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Chris Hemsworth in front a Transformers poster with Optimus Prime. 1
Chris Hemsworth's Upcoming Transformers Movie Role Highlights A Major Hollywood Problem

Chris Hemsworth is voicing an important character in the upcoming animated movie Transformers One, replacing a veteran Transformers actor.

Star wars rise of skywalker jedi voices Rey 1
Women Have Been Shaping Star Wars From The Start - Which Is Why It's Time For A Female Director

Women have long since played a critical role in bringing the galaxy far, far to life. It's about time that one of them directed a Star Wars movie.

Van and his mecha Dann from Gun X Sword 1
Trigun Gets a Mech Twist in Underrated Anime Classic More Fans Should See

Gun X Sword is an underrated anime that is inspired by Trigun's cowboy tones, but adds a lot to that premise, including mecha.

Jason Momoa as Aquaman in front of the DCEU Justice League 1
Jason Momoa Predicted Aquaman's Biggest DCEU Criticism 6 Years Ago

Jason Momoa has made Aquaman one of DC's coolest characters, but he predicted a criticism regarding the character before it even started.

why-first-omen-trailer-backwards 1
Why The First Omen's Trailer Plays Backwards

The unsettling teaser trailer for The First Omen plays entirely backwards, which carries a deeper meaning beyond its palpable creepiness.

Din Djarin and Grogu in The Mandalorian. 1
The Mandalorian (2019)
What The Mandalorian Timeline Should Actually Look Like (& It Shouldn't All Happen In 1 Year)

The Mandalorian seasons 1 and 2 are said to both take place in 9 ABY, but one year is not a long enough time for everything Din and Grogu go through.

Poster for Caer en tentacion showing the faces of Raquel, Damian, Carolina, and Santiago. 1
Caer En Tentación Ending Explained: Did Damián And Carolina End Up Together?

The telenovela Caer en tentación goes back and forth between the beginning of an affair and a dramatic car crash, and the finale explains everything.

_only-murders-in-the-building-winnie-dog-explained 1
Only Murders in the Building (2021)
Only Murders In The Building: What Happened To Winnie The Dog

Only Murders in the Building usually wraps up its whodunit storylines, but one mystery was left hanging: what happened to Oliver's dog Winnie?

The Garvey sisters sit at a table together in Bad Sisters  1
Bad Sisters (2022)
Bad Sisters Season 2: Cast, Story & Everything We Know

Apple's Irish black comedy Bad Sisters delivered a fair amount of gallows humor during season 1. Here's everything we know about season 2.

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Percy Jackson (Walker Scobell) looks surprised while Echidna (Suzanne Cryer) smiles in Disney's Percy Jackson episode 4 1
Percy Jackson & The Olympians (2023)
Percy Jackson's Echidna Actress Fixes 1 Decades-Old Book Problem To Make The Villain Even Scarier

Percy Jackson's Echidna actor fixes a decades-old book problem, and, in the process, makes the Rick Riordan villain even scarier than before.

Three stills of Michael Keaton's Beetlejuice combined 1
Beetlejuice 3 Can't Be Avoided Now Due To 36-Year-Old Franchise Rule (Even If Tim Burton Doesn’t Want It)

Beetlejuice 2 finally arriving in 2024 paves the way for the franchise to pay off a trilogy set-up from the original movie with Beetlejuice 3.

Jordan Peele, Kang and Kodos and Rod Serling 1
The Twilight Zone (1959)
10 Important Ways The Twilight Zone Influenced Movies & TV In The Last 65 Years

Since its release over six decades ago, The Twilight Zone has continued to inspire generations of storytellers thanks to its unique power and appeal.

Star Wars Skeleton Crew art and Jude Law. 1
Star Wars: Skeleton Crew (2022)
Star Wars: Skeleton Crew: Cast, Story & Everything We Know

The upcoming live-action TV show, Star Wars: Skeleton Crew, looks to be a fascinatingly unique Disney+ show. Here's what's known about it so far.

Alan Rickman as Hans Gruber in Die Hard 1
Why Hans Gruber's Die Hard Death Scene Aged So Well

Hans Gruber's death in Die Hard is one of the film's greatest moments. Here's how it was made to look so realistic, despite a fake background.

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