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Author Details

Samantha King is a Comic News Writer, Peer Mentor, and Trainer for Screen Rant. She has a B.A. in English & American Literature with a concentration in Shakespeare and a minor in Creative Writing from UTEP. She also has a M.S. in Library Science from the University of North Texas. She discusses various media online, usually as TheRealWorldAccordingToSam. 

Industry Focus

Samantha is a Latina reader and gamer, always looking for new ways to share stories about her favorite diverse fandoms. She especially tends to write about Aliens, DC, Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn, Batman, the Bat-Family, Marvel, symbiotes, Deadpool, Sailor Moon, Star Wars, WEBTOON, Crunchyroll, and Disney. However, Sam is always ready to tackle a new area of fandom! 

Favorite Media

As of late, Samantha's favorite comics and anime have been Demon Slayer, Pokemon, Sailor Moon, Cyberpunk: Edgerunners, Star Wars Bounty Hunters, Spider-Verse-related series, Wonder Woman: Historia, and several runs of Deadpool. She loves Disney tie-ins, video game tie-ins, and is always eager to review brand-new series to connect stories to audiences that will love them. 

Latest Articles

Naruto 1
Naruto Gets Its Own Dedicated Streaming Channel

Naruto now has its own dedicated channel on PlutoTV, increasing the streaming service's anime offerings. The hit show joins Sailor Moon and Yu-Gi-Oh!

Ty Yorrick in Star Wars High Republic 1
Star Wars' Coolest Purple Lightsaber Returns, As Monster Hunter Ty Yorrick Gets a New Mission

Star Wars' monster hunter, Ty Yorrick, will return in a new series this Spring from Dark Horse Comics. The series continues High Republic era stories.

Pokemon Ash Gigantamax Pikachu Cover 1
One Pokemon Episode Predicted a Huge Game Mechanic Decades Early

An episode from Pokemon: Indigo League, the very first season, set a precedent for one major game mechanic long before it was developed in-game.

2023 best cosplay venom black cat alex ross' wolverine costume scott snyder batman 1
Black Cat Venom, Wolverine's Best Forgotten Costume, & "Real Life Action Figure" Batman: 2023's Best Cosplay Combined Movie-Level Quality with Comic Book Creativity

DC, Marvel, and Image Comics all found their way into the best cosplay of 2023, including underrated looks of popular characters and stunning details.

Cover of Captain America: Return of the Winter Soldier 1
Captain America Explains Why His Shield Works Better for Him Than Anyone Else

Captain America's iconic shield is great at defense and offense, but only because its wielder knows how to use it to its full potential.

Spider-Gwen Cosplay Turns Her into Carnage's Creepiest Host Yet

A cosplay from @biancabellacosplay presents what a Gwen Stacy and Carnage combination would look like, replacing Venom as her symbiote pairing.

One Piece's Straw Hat Crew including Luffy, Zoro, Usopp, Sanji, and Nami 1
One Piece Gets Its Own Cart Racer in Ridiculously Fun New Art

One Piece fan art is pitting the Straw Hat Pirates against one another in a friendly cart race, putting the crew in a fiercely fun new battle.

Captain America #1 (2023) second printing variant by Humberto Ramos 1
Captain America Finally Discovered a Force His Shield Can't Protect Him From

Captain America's shield can protect him from the attacks of most of his enemies, but his latest foe is surpassing his strongest defense.

Deathstalker #1 from Vault Comics 1
Exclusive: Deathstalker Coming from Guns N' Roses Guitarist Slash

Vault Comics partners with Shout! Studios and legendary guitarist, Slash, to deliver a comic continuing the story of cult fantasy hero, Deathstalker.

Lucy from the Netflix Original anime, Cyberpunk: Edgerunners 1
Cyberpunk Edgerunners Lucy Cosplay Makes Anime's Best Hacker Come to Life

The Netflix Original anime, Cyberpunk: Edgerunners, stole the spotlight in 2022 and now, a cosplay of Lucy Kushinada brings the hacker to life!

C-3PO, R2-D2, IG-11, and BB-8 in Star Wars Droid composite image 1
Star Wars Finally Explains How & Why Droids Feel Pain (& It Actually Makes Sense)

Although the majority of Star Wars' droids have been considered mindless, programmed machines, comics from Marvel have confirmed they can feel pain.

darkwing duck justice ducks 1
Darkwing Ducks' Justice Ducks Assemble in Preview of New Disney Series

The Disney Afternoon superhero team, the Justice Ducks will finally get a chance to shine in comics, with their own series from Dynamite Comics.

Osamu Tezuka's 100 Hundered Tales Cover artwork. 1
Osamu Tezuka's One Hundred Tales Review: A Must Read For Any Fan of Classic Manga

Osamu Tezuka's One Hundred Tales, published by Ablaze Manga, is a Faustian tale involving samurais and being careful about what you wish for.

Spider-Gwen Annual #1 cover 1
Spider-Gwen Cosplay Is the Multiversal Crossover Every Spider-Woman Fan Wanted

Spider-Gwen has teamed up with her own Marvel universe variants in a group cosplay showing how fun a Spider-Woman/Ghost Spider collective could be.

Cover of Scrapper #6 from Image Comics 1
SCRAPPER Finale Settles Why You Need to Be Reading 'Blade Runner with Dogs' (Exclusive Preview)

Screen Rant has an exclusive preview of Scrapper #6, the conclusion to Image Comics' hit series that brings dogs to the forefront of sci-fi heroism.

ODB Cover Wu-Tang Clan feature image 1
Exclusive: The Legacy of Wu Tang Clan's Ol Dirty Bastard To Be Celebrated in New Homage From Oni Press

A first look at Oni Press & Wu-Tang Clan's upcoming anthology graphic novel, ODB: Oddities, Discord and B-Sides - Lyrical Ruckus in the City.

Wrong Earth: Dead Ringers #1 1
Exclusive: Ahoy's WRONG EARTH Returns With Awesome Hip Hop Homage Covers

Screen Rant exclusively announces the return of Wrong Earth, with the newest series - Wrong Earth: Dead Ringers from Ahoy Comics, coming in 2024.

boxed-1 1
X-Files Meets Ex Machina in Exclusive Preview of New Sci-Fi Series BOXED

Screen Rant has an exclusive preview of Boxed, an original graphic novel from Amazon's ComiXology originals line of digital comic content.

archie the jaguar 1
Exclusive First Look: Archie Comics Superhero THE JAGUAR Officially Returns

Archie Comics is bringing back its Silver Age superhero, The Jaguar, as a new character takes up the mantle in an upcoming one-shot for early 2024.

night people b 1
Night People Reveals Jaw-Dropping Cover Art for Comic Adaptation of Barry Gifford Novel (Exclusive)

Screen Rant has an exclusive look at the covers for the upcoming debut issue of Night People from Oni Press and Barry Gifford, releasing in 2024.

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