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Sarah Horn has a degree in Screenwriting from Chapman University, with a focus on writing for television. After three years working as an educator and writing tutor, she returned to her passion for writing in a new, more active way. She particularly likes science fiction and fantasy, and also enjoys tabletop role play and card games.

Latest Articles

Maddie and Chimney 9-1-1 1
9-1-1: Why Maddie & Chimney's Season 5 Absence Is One It's Most Realistic Plots

In 9-1-1 Maddie & Chimney's time away from LA in Boston after Jee-Yun's birth shows the reality of postpartum depression.

The sopranos who was the FBI informant ray curto 1
The Sopranos (1999)
The Sopranos: The Gangster Who Was Secretly An FBI Informant In The Series

In The Sopranos, many informants were caught and killed by Tony and the other mobsters. But there was one rat in the series they never even suspected.

Mirabel smiling in front of Casita in Disney's Encanto 1
When Encanto Releases On Disney+ For Free

At first, the new Disney movie Encanto will only be released in theaters. When will it be available for subscribers to watch on Disney+?

Doctor Who Jodie Whittaker Sontaran Weeping Angel 1
Doctor Who (1963)
Doctor Who: The Division's New Laws Of Time Explained

Doctor Who: Flux retconned the origins of the laws of time. Who is keeping time under control, and what does this mean for the Doctor going forward?

Dexter Hannah caused Harrisons dark passenger not dexter 1
Dexter (2010)
Hannah Caused Harrison's Dark Passenger In New Blood (& Not Dexter) – Theory Explained

Dexter: New Blood has seen Dexter reunite with Harrison. However, he is likely not the sole source for the darkness growing within his son.

Blade runner black lotus flips deckard harrison ford replicant question 1
Blade Runner (1982)
Blade Runner Sequel Perfectly Flips The Deckard Replicant Question

Blade Runner: Black Lotus introduces a new replicant main character, Elle. How does her plot mirror Deckard's from the original Blade Runner?

Doctor Who 4th and 13th Doctors 1
Doctor Who (1963)
Why The Doctor Is No Longer President Of Gallifrey

In Doctor Who: Flux the Doctor mentions having been president of Gallifrey. When was the Doctor president and for how long did they hold the position?

911 Season 5 Eddie Helped Escaped Convict 1
9-1-1 Season 5: Why Eddie Helped The Escaped Convict

In 9-1-1 season 5, Eddie Diaz was taken hostage by a convict. Why did he help his captor achieve his goal, and what does it say about his character?

Claire and a Weeping Angel in Doctor Who  1
Doctor Who (1963)
What Happened To Claire After The Weeping Angel In Doctor Who: Flux

In Doctor Who's season 13 premiere, Claire (Annabel Scholey) was attacked by a Weeping Angel, but what happened to her and what does it mean for Flux?

Star Trek
Star Trek: How Old Is Janeway During Prodigy?

Star Trek: Prodigy features a holographic version of Katherine Janeway. How old is the real Star Trek: Voyager captain in the new series?