Dragon Ball

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Dragon Ball

Created by
Akira Toriyama
First Film
Dragon Ball: Curse of the Blood Rubies
First TV Show
Dragon Ball
Latest TV Show
Super Dragon Ball Heroes
First Episode Air Date
April 26, 1989
Latest Episode
Sean Schemmel , Laura Bailey , Brian Drummond , Christopher Sabat , Scott McNeil
Current Series
Dragon Ball Super
Video Game(s)
Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 , Dragon Ball FighterZ , Dragon Ball: The Breakers , Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission , Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z , Dragon Ball Xenoverse , Dragon Ball Z Kakarot


From the creative mind of Akira Toriyama, Dragon Ball is a mega multimedia franchise that spans back to the 1980s. Dragon Ball expanded quickly, starting as a serialized manga for Weekly Shonen Jump in Japan. It made its way overseas via manga and an anime adaptation that is enjoyed worldwide. Dragon Ball was the initial starting animated series that followed the adventures of the young Son Goku as he sought after the Dragon Balls. These mystical orbs would grant the wish of any who gathered them together. Then, the series would branch off into the immensely popular Dragon Ball Z, which followed Goku as an adult and featured high-intensity battles and Goku's never-ending search to be the strongest. The series has also enjoyed several popular video game adaptations and continues to release several new animated series and theatrical films up to the recent popular Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero.


gohan-beast-orange-piccolo-dragon-ball-super 1
Dragon Ball Super's Milestone Chapter Was A Huge Wasted Opportunity

Dragon Ball Super's manga achieved a major milestone of 100 published chapters, but unfortunately, the series didn't capitalize on that whatsoever.

Goku prepares to use instant transmission 1
One Classic Goku Technique Can Bring Ultra Instinct To The Next Level

Ultra Instinct is already an incredibly powerful transformation, but when paired with one of Goku's most classic techniques, it can reach new heights.

Ginyu Force Posing 1
One Evil Dragon Ball Team is the Perfect Example of What Makes The Series So Unique

The Ginyu Force is the Dragon Ball franchise's best example of Akira Toriyama's signature style of blending comedy and action.

Future Trunks with long hair and Dragon Ball Super Future Trunks side by side 1
Dragon Ball's Future Trunks Looks More Badass Than Ever In Cool New Art

Future Trunks hails from a battle-ravaged time where he's constantly fighting for his life, with new fanart depicting him as the badass hero he is.

Dragon Ball: Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta in front of the tournament grounds. 1
One Dragon Ball Fusion is So Powerful, It Can Literally Break Time

In Super Dragon Ball Heroes, one fusion has managed to ascend to the level of affecting actual spacetime, giving the heroes a new tier of power.

Image shows Dragon Ball Super manga versions of Beast Gohan in full color using Special beam cannon against a black and white Cell Max. 1
"Not The Senzu Bean The Film Was" - Dragon Ball Super's Super Hero Manga Review

The Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero manga's adaptation fails to hit the dynamic and emotional beats of the film or flesh out the story meaningfully.

Chi-Chi from Dragon Ball and Chi-Chi from Dragon Ball Z looking angry 1
Dragon Ball's Chi-Chi Returns to Her Fighting Roots in Cool New Art

It's often forgotten Dragon Ball's Chi-Chi is a capable fighter who can hold her own in battle, with new fanart reminding fans exactly who she is.

Super Saiyan 3 Goku attacks Beerus in Dragon Ball Z Battle of Gods 1
Dragon Ball's Biggest Retcon Made Beerus Canon All the Way Back in Z

Akira Toriyama revealed that one obscure line in Dragon Ball Z actually referred to Beerus, retroactively connecting the two series.

The different versions of Piccolo. 1
"A Bit of a Headache" Dragon Ball's Creator Confirmed A Secret Frustration With Piccolo

Akira Toriyama has been working on Dragon Ball for decades, with Piccolo being one character he doesn't always enjoy writing, and for good reason.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero: Gohan Beast  1
"We Would Lose Dragon Ball’s Spirit" Dragon Ball's Creator Agrees With a Big Series Criticism

Dragon Ball has often been criticized for being too focused on fighting, and Akira Toriyama recognizing that helped push the story in a new direction.

Dragon Ball: Bardock, Goku, and Gohan. 1
Most Dragon Ball Fans Missed Goku's Ultimate Family Team-Up

One of Dragon Ball's most epic moments occurred when Goku joined forces with his father and his son, proving their family's incredible strength.

Dragon Ball's Vegeta and Goku.  1
Goku Vs Vegeta: Who Won More Of Their Dragon Ball Battles?

Vegeta and Goku have had a total of five serious fights throughout every era of Dragon Ball, and out of those five fights, only one came out on top.

Trunks is DBZ's best fighter.  1
Trunks Becomes King of the Saiyans in Art That Redefines Epic

Trunks won't be able to capitalize on the royal blood flowing through his veins, but a new piece of fanart just turned him into King of the Saiyans!

Dragon Ball Super could make GT canon. 1
Dragon Ball's Official Timeline Teases That GT Is Actually Canon

Shueisha created an official timeline for the Dragon Ball franchise, and it includes the events from Dragon Ball GT, making it canon.

Android 17 and 18 standing together. 1
Dragon Ball GT’s Evil Androids Have Powers Much Cooler Than 17 & 18's

While Android 17 and 18 are incredibly powerful as shown in DBZ, Dragon Ball GT introduces a team of evil robots who make 17 and 18 look pathetic.

Dragon Ball Super Gogeta Vegito 1
Gogeta Vs Vegito Death Battle Already Settled the Strongest Super Saiyan Debate For Good

The most important question in the Dragon Ball world, who is stronger between Gogeta and Vegito, is finally settled thanks to Death Battle!

Image shows three seperate images divided by triangle borders. Each has a Dragon Ball Super character, the first is Jiren looking shocked and spitting after being hit, the second is Jiren looking determined toward Ultra Instinct Goku who is glowing white, and the third is a fan art image of Jiren glowing red with his back turned to the frame. 1
Dragon Ball Super's Final Jiren Fight Broke a Decades-Old Tradition With One Subtle Twist

The legendary final battle against Jiren in Dragon Ball Super surpassed many expectations, mainly because it did something other arcs rarely pull off.

Super Saiyan Bardock and Goku Super Saiyan 3 1
Bardock's Super Saiyan 3 Form Proves He Could Have Been Stronger Than Goku

Bardock's Super Saiyan 3 battle in Super Dragon Ball Heroes suggests that Goku's father may have had even greater potential than his son.

Image shows Goku glowing in white while he charges a Perfected Ultra Instinct Kamehameha wave while Beerus is looking at him with excitement. 1
Goku Can Already Give Ultra Instinct a Massive Power-Up With One Classic Technique

Goku's newest Ultra Instinct form is incredibly powerful, but one trick used in Dragon Ball Super could make it multiple times stronger.

SSJ4 Goku with some vegetables. 1
Even Dragon Ball Admitted How Ridiculous Saiyan Names Are

Fans of Dragon Ball are well aware of the comical names given to Saiyans in the series, and Dragon Ball GT calls it out with the most meta joke ever.

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