Dragon Ball Super (2015)

Dragon Ball Super is a sequel to the original Dragon Ball series as well as the fan-favorite Dragon Ball Z anime. Dragon Ball Super takes place ten years after Majin Buu is defeated and follows Goku and his friends on all-new adventures. Much like its predecessors, Dragon Ball Super was praised throughout its 131 episodes.

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Dragon Ball Super

Sean Schemmel , Jason Douglas , Christopher Sabat
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July 5, 2015
Dragon Ball
Tatsuya Nagamine
Tatsuya Nagamine
Tatsuya Nagamine
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Dragon Ball Super is a sequel to the original Dragon Ball series as well as the fan-favorite Dragon Ball Z anime. Dragon Ball Super takes place ten years after Majin Buu is defeated and follows Goku and his friends on all-new adventures. Much like its predecessors, Dragon Ball Super was praised throughout its 131 episodes.


Gohan Pan Goku featured image 1
Dragon Ball Super's Super Hero Arc Finally Redeemed Gohan In The Best Way

The manga adaptation of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero has finally fixed an important issue with Gohan's character..

Super Saiyan 3 Goku attacks Beerus in Dragon Ball Z Battle of Gods 1
Dragon Ball's Biggest Retcon Made Beerus Canon All the Way Back in Z

Akira Toriyama revealed that one obscure line in Dragon Ball Z actually referred to Beerus, retroactively connecting the two series.

Goten and Trunks as superheroes in Dragon Ball Super. 1
Dragon Ball Super Confirms That The Super Hero Arc Is Not Over Yet

Chapter #100 of Dragon Ball Super surprisingly shows that the Super Hero arc is not over yet, despite fan criticism for this adaptation of the movie.

Black Frieza standing proudly with a similar image of Frieza in the back ground. 1
Dragon Ball Super 100 Teases Black Frieza's Shocking Real Power Level

Dragon Ball Super teases that the true power of Black Frieza may be even higher than what fans believe after his impressive debut.

Image shows three seperate images divided by triangle borders. Each has a Dragon Ball Super character, the first is Jiren looking shocked and spitting after being hit, the second is Jiren looking determined toward Ultra Instinct Goku who is glowing white, and the third is a fan art image of Jiren glowing red with his back turned to the frame. 1
Dragon Ball Super's Final Jiren Fight Broke a Decades-Old Tradition With One Subtle Twist

The legendary final battle against Jiren in Dragon Ball Super surpassed many expectations, mainly because it did something other arcs rarely pull off.

goku vegeta 1
Only One Dragon Ball Super Character Humiliated Goku, Vegeta, & Beerus With No Effort

One episode of Dragon Ball Super featured a character who easily showed up the series' most powerful figures, and it's someone you'd least expect.

Krillin uses Solar Flare against Cell Max 1
Dragon Ball Super Finally Gave Krillin the Revenge Against Cell He Always Deserved

Krillin gets the chance to redeem himself for his earlier failures with Cell in DBZ by using a particular move against Cell Max in Dragon Ball Super.

Dragon Ball Finally Delivers the Goku VS Bardock Fight Fans Demand

Dragon Ball Super failed to give fans the Goku and Bardock moment they wanted but Dragon Ball Heroes actually lets the characters fight each other.

One Z Fighter can beat Beerus... and it isn't Goku. 1
Dragon Ball Super's Beerus Has a Hilarious Weakness to a Surprising Hero

While Goku has been able to channel the power of the gods, he is still no match for Lord Beerus, but one Z Fighter can succeed where Goku failed.

Dragon Ball Super God of Destruction custom 1
Dragon Ball
Every God of Destruction in Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball Super's Gods of Destruction are among the most powerful and fearsome beings in the Dragon Ball franchise. Here's who they all are.

Dragon Ball: Goku SSJBlue and Goku SSJ4.  1
Dragon Ball Super Proved Why it's Z's True Successor Over GT With One Fight

Dragon Ball Super and Dragon Ball GT are both sequel series to Dragon Ball Z, but Super proved why it's Z's true successor with its best fight.

Dragon Ball: Goku and Vegeta scared. 1
"Stronger Than Anyone" - Dragon Ball's Creator Declared One Hero Strongest, & It's Not Goku OR Vegeta

Dragon Ball's creator has weighed in on who is the strongest character in the franchise and how the warrior finally has their time to shine.

Dragon Ball DAIMA's Goku and Vegeta in key visual. 1
Dragon Ball Fans Get First Look At What DAIMA Will Look Like In The Manga

Dragon Ball fans get a glimpse of what the main characters of the upcoming anime DAIMA would look like in the manga thanks to Toyotarou.

dragon-ball-super-goku-form-stronger-ultra-instinc-Cover 1
Dragon Ball Super Shows How Goku Can Obtain a Form Stronger Than Ultra Instinct

Dragon Ball Super casually mentioned one way Goku could power up before the Tournament of Power, but he never did it. Could Goku surpass his limits?

Dragon Ball Super Finally Makes Krillin And 18 The Best Fighter Couple

Krillin and Android 18's unique relationship has just proven that they are the best couple in Dragon Ball Super when they're on the battlefield.

Goku won't use Beast Gohan 1
Dragon Ball Already Explained Gohan's Beast Form And Why Goku Will Never Get It

During the Tournament of Power, Gohan says something that undoubtedly explains where his Beast Gohan transformation came from in the Super Hero film.

Dragon Ball Super Teases The Start Of Its New Saga In The Next Chapter

The editor of Dragon Ball Super has teased that chapter #100 will shock fans with unexpected developments, and it could introduce the new saga.

Krillin using his Destructo Disk attack in Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection 'F' 1
Dragon Ball Super's Super Hero Arc Made Krillin A Much Better Character

While Krillin didn't do much in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, the Dragon Ball Super manga adaptation of the film has given him a much better showing.

Super Hero's manga prologue 1
Dragon Ball Super Improved The Super Hero Movie Again With A Subtle Change

Dragon Ball Super's manga is almost done with its adaptation of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, and it's already subtly improving on the climax.

GohanYT-Cover 1
Gohan’s Strongest Form Finally Makes Its Dragon Ball Super Debut

Gohan reaches his ultimate transformation in chapter 99 of Dragon Ball Super, finally making the Saiyan's peak form from the movie fully manga canon.

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